Why use Vapour Blasting?

There’s no dust, no thermal build up as it is in a liquid and leaves a good as factory satin finish. It also closes the pores in the metal surface making it easier to clean and longer lasting finish.

Where do I ship/send my parts?

Details on my contact page. Please phone or email me before sending anything so we can discuss your needs and requirements.

How should I pack items I want cleaned?

Tightly. Ensure each part is cushioning on all sides with crumpled newspaper paper, cellulose wadding, peanuts, bubble wrap or shredded paper. If you shake the box and can hear things moving and bumping around, there isn't enough cushioning.


Should the parts be disassembled?

Yes. Only the things you want cleaned should be sent. All little parts and sub-assemblies, such as seals, bolts, gears, shafts, ball bearings, keepers should be removed. Abrasive material hides behind these things and causes problems during processing, and reassembly. Please also include a list of items sent.


Should I remove cylinder studs?

Yes, if you can this helps get a better angle when cleaning . If you leave them in they add to your shipping costs.


I can’t guarantee my parts are totally clean inside, can you clean them internally?

Yes, they can be ultrasonically cleaned for an extra fee. Please remove silicone and two stroke case sealant before sending.


What about grease?

I recommend degreasing your parts beforehand so you only pay for the vapour blasting. Parts sent that are oily or greasy will incur an extra cost to degrease them.


What if my part is corroded?

If its badly pitted, these pits will not disappear during vapor blasting. It may make them more prominent, especially on a large smooth surface. On a rough surface with a lot of facets or intersections you may get away with it.


Is my part ready to use as soon as I get it back?

No! It’s extremely important that you rinse it thoroughly in case there are any remaining micro beads left in them. Although I do rinse them in corrosion inhibitor solution, and blow them out, the final responsibility to flush out any remaining media lies with you prior to reassembly.


Can I use a dishwasher to rinse it?

Yes. If you put vapour blasted aluminum in the dishwasher, do not to use any harsh alkaline or acid detergent, such as chlorine based, or sodium carbonate, borax, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, or any other acids or caustics. It will streak the parts and ruin the finish.

* Remember, fresh aluminum is highly reactive. It will take a few weeks or so for the aluminum alloy to form a protective layer of oxide.


NB Removal of oil gallery plugs from engine cases / blocks to allow cleaning of the galleries and also reduce the possibility of material being left in the case after cleaning, is recommended. We do rinse all items but cannot guarantee all is flushed out if the plugs are in still. Final inspections and cleaning should be done once you have the items back.